Monday, May 21, 2007

80GB PS3 On Its Way..... Korea. On June 15th the 80GB PS3 will be available as well as 15 new games. These include RIDGE RACER 7," “Virtua Fighter 5,” and “Armored Core 4.” The cost will be 518,000 Korean Won. It has not been confirmed whether 1) this will replace the 60GB version or 2) If there are plans to bring this version to any other part of the Globe. Speculating for a minute, in light of the Xbox Elite, it would seem practical from a business stand point to replace the 60GB with an 80GB, piss off a lot of current owners, and then release a 200GB version to manage future HD content. The 20GB version has already been discontinued and this may just be a continued sign of the times. Good thing Sony include directions on how to upgrade the hard drive yourself. It seems like the best solution for current owners is to go the DIY route. Watch this space for additional updates.

Source: Sony Japan Press Release

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