Sunday, May 13, 2007

Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player Becomes First High-Definition DVD Player to Pass Simplay HD(TM) Testing

Samsung Products Earn Simplay HD Logo for Easily Recognizable Sign of Interoperability.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Simplay Labs, LLC, the leading provider of testing technologies, programs and interoperability design standards for the high-definition (HD) consumer electronics industry, today announced that Samsung's BD-P1200 Blu-ray Disc(TM) Player is the first high-definition DVD player to pass the Simplay HD(TM) Testing Program.

The Simplay HD Testing Program helps consumers identify HD components, such as HDTVs and next-generation DVD players, that will work together to provide a consistent "plug and play" user experience and maximize users' access to premium HD content. Samsung's BD-P1200 DVD player, a second-generation Blu-ray player with High-Definition Multimedia Interface(TM) (HDMI(TM)) version 1.3 functionality, underwent Simplay Labs' stringent testing for performance, robustness, and interoperability.

Without proper testing, HD products may not interoperate because there are many variables in implementing HD interface functions. Since compatibility is crucial for a rewarding consumer experience, Simplay Labs requires interface testing as well as real-world compatibility testing. Based on real-life usage situations that consumers encounter with HD equipment, Simplay Labs' interoperability testing involves plugging devices into a suite of other HD devices available on the market. This suite of tests offers a thorough verification not found with other testing services.

"We are committed to giving consumers an unsurpassed user experience," said Byungjun Chun, senior manager of Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, Inc. "To help us achieve that, we use Simplay HD testing to provide assurance of compatibility." As with other products that have passed Simplay verification, the BD-P1200 will bear the Simplay HD logo. Two other Samsung products that have already passed testing and received the Simplay HD logo are the Samsung R155 DVD recorder and the Samsung LN-T3253H, a sleek 32" LCD HDTV. "We are thrilled to see Samsung join the growing number of quality-conscious manufacturers that value our testing program and are taking steps to ensure that their products meet Simplay HD approval," said Joseph Lias, president of Simplay Labs, LLC. "The Simplay HD logo will give consumers the peace of mind that their CE products will work together, and should mean fewer returns for Samsung and retailers of Samsung products." Samsung, which also has several other high-definition consumer electronic products undergoing Simplay verification, is now one of more than two dozen manufacturers participating in the Simplay HD Testing Program.

Some other member companies include Bose Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., JVC Corp., LG Electronics, Microsoft Corp., Pioneer Corp. and Yamaha Corporation.


Source: PRNewswire