Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Second Wave of 2007 Sony HDTV's: The KDL-D3000 Series.

Closer To Perfection: The ‘BRAVIA’ D3000-Series. One-touch control over your whole Home Theatre setup with ’BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync Motionflow +100Hz doubles frame rate for super-smooth, ultra-realistic TV 24p True Cinema recreates films exactly as they were meant to be seen – and heard Experience living colour with 10-bit panel technology.

The Sony ‘BRAVIA’ D3000-Series LCD TV combines a new level of user-friendly convenience with advanced image technologies. Thanks to these innovations Home Theatre has never been easier to enjoy, and everything from films on Blu-ray Disc™ to High Definition TV is enhanced. Anyone who wants a Home Theatre setup is likely to appreciate ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync, which is the D3000-Series’ way of making life simpler. By connecting compatible devices via HDMI™ connections and enabling ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync, you have one-touch control over the entire system, and far fewer buttons to press to get started. Instead of having to turn on the BD/DVD player, the audio amplifier and the TV, then select the appropriate video and audio inputs and turn the TV sound down, all you need to do is press Play on the remote control of the ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync enabled BD/DVD player. Everything else is handled automatically, so you just sit back and enjoy the show. The process works in reverse when you are done – simply turn off the TV and the BD/DVD player and the amplifier automatically power down as well.

Film lovers will also relish 24p True Cinema incorporated into the ‘BRAVIA’ D3000-Series. Cine cameras actually film at 24 frames per second, but televisions operate at a higher frame rate, so conversion has traditionally been necessary. The result is a 4% discrepancy from the original – the film on TV actually runs 4% faster than the original, and the soundtrack rises by 4% in pitch. When the D3000-Series is connected to a movie source such as Sony’s Blu-ray Disc™ player, the original 24 frames per second are displayed just as the camera first recorded them. You see – and hear – exactly what you should. The next step towards a visibly superior picture occurs as the D3000-Series actually boosts the refresh rate from the standard 50Hz to 100Hz using Motionflow +100Hz technology. This Sony-developed algorithm creates and adds extra frames based on the originals, causing the eye to perceive motion as far smoother and more realistic than in the unenhanced source. Motionflow +100Hz works with both sources using film-based contents and standard TV and DVD, imparting smoothness to everything you see. The D3000-Series also offers hugely enhanced colour reproduction. The standard 8-bit panels normally used for LCD TVs are capable of only 256 steps of gradation between colours, but the 10-bit panel used by the D3000-Series offers 1024 shades of gradation. This breathes life into everything from skin tones to sunsets, and once again ensures that what you see is as close to the original as possible.

To ensure cinematic-style sound to match the quality of the picture the D3000-Series uses S-Force Front Surround technology to create an enveloping surround sound effect from just the two TV’s own speakers, to sound as if you were surrounded by many speakers. S-Force Front Surround technology was developed exclusively by Sony. “Visually, the ‘BRAVIA’ D3000-Series is all about using powerful technologies to achieve subtle but crucial improvements,” says Andreas Ditter - Director TV Operations Europe. “This is the key to its strength. We’ve all seen several TVs side by side in the showroom and quickly picked out one as the best, but not necessarily because the others were bad. We just notice the small differences and instinctively home in on the one set that is most lifelike, most convincing. Very probably it will be a D3000-Series.”

Source: Sony Europe, Press release from Sony Media Experience in Rhodes