Friday, February 9, 2007


So after going full circle with Plasma, LCD and Rear Projection technologies, manufacturers have realised one thing. High end HD CRT's still rule for picture quality. Yes LCD and Plasma have done a great job of bridging the gap, but remember this blog is about facts, and it is a fact, that CRT's are still superior. Rear Projection technologies are a way to get into the HD market, get a big screen, and great picture quality, for a reasonable price. Their picture quality is not on par with LCD or Plasma.

Two manufacturers have acted upon this. Toshiba and Canon have a joint venture in their technology called "SED" (Surface-conduction electron-emitter display ). Sony themselves who make the top of the line CRT's have something they've been working on for a few years called "FED" (Field Emission Display). Both display types are claiming "the benefits and picture quality of CRT technology" in a large flat planel display!

Quite a claim! Early versions of SED technology showed up in 2006 but were absent from CES 2007. FED has yet to make an appearence. It may be at least a year before these are available let alone affordable, but in the meantime, we have the new breed of Plasmas, LCD's and RP-TV's to keep us happy.