Sunday, February 11, 2007


Here's the linky to the website. The instore purchase is cheaper and a safer way to buy in case you need to return it.
Check the HD SOURCES section of this page to learn about OTA (over the air) antenna's.

Remember some areas have OTA HD channels and some don't. There are a few websites like where you can type in your US address and check if you have reception. But this has produced inaccurate results in two cases I know of personally. I would use their site as a guide and then buy in-store incase you need to return.

This is an outdoor antenna so you will need to mount it on the roof. The quality of HD channels over an antenna usually exceeds that of cable or satellite. Remember an HD Antenna is just a regular antenna. For a full explanation about HD jargon such as OTA, check here.


Eugenia said...

Honey, there is NOTHING different between a plain UHF antenna and a supposedly HD antenna. They are all UHF antennas, you don't need a different one to get HD. There is no such thing as "HD Antenna". Stop reading too much into marketing.

TriniMan said...

Euginia, you are the first person to comment on my Blog, so many thanks for that. It was however, very aggressive, judgemental and presumptious! I am very aware of the UHF broadcast standard, but my blog is about high defintion. The pompous comment you left DID raise a very truthful point and that is what this blog is about. If I hadn't added the "HD" prefix many people would not have associated it with HD equipment. As a result of your post, I've made an important update to my OTA explanation. On a personal note, a little politeness goes a long way!