Monday, February 12, 2007


I noticed that there are a lot of visitors to the site. If you guys have time, please say hi, leave comments, subscribe to either the RSS feed or get email updates etc. Feel free. Visitors are the sole reason for the blogs success. It would be great to hear from you. This lets me know that what i'm doing is definetly worth it and the information is getting out there!!


gado6999 said...

Hello, I love your blog--you make HD simple.

I was wondering if you are going to review the Xbox 360 Elite? I'm not sure how the HDMI 1.2 will affect my audio/video set-up.

I run my audio through my receiver and video to my TV.

I'm looking at getting a 1080p (probably the Sony KDS-50A2000). At first, I thought I would need to get a new A/V receiver (with HDMI imputes) to get my audio through the HDMI, but I'm not sure how the Xbox 360 Elite's HDMI 1.2 will affect my set-up.

Any advise would be appreciated.

TriniMan said...

Thanks for stopping by and the compliments. I definitely plan to review the Xbox 360 elite, once it's released.

Regarding your A/V receiver with an Xbox elite. If your receiver doesn't have HDMI inputs/outputs, your best choices will be to

1)Use the component output for video, and optical output for sound.


2)short of upgrading to an HDMI enabled receiver, is to run the HDMI output DIRECTLY from the xbox, into the HDTV. THis will give you the digital video signal. This setup will also produce sound through the tv's speakers, or you could still output the audio via optical to use your receiver.

Hope I understood your question, feel free to post anytime, and thanks for your support. Please spread the word!!