Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've been reading a lot of complaints about the lack of PS3 content and how it's losing exclusitivity to the Xbox 360. As these two systems play such a big part in our HD content, I would like to address this. When Xbox 360 first came out, the inital offerings were far from "Next Generation." Luckily, it had a couple later releases such as "GRAW" that kept us entertained for most of the year. Xbox live really took gaming to the next level. A year later we're getting games such as "Splinter Cell: Double Agent" and "GOW" which scream High Definition.

So the moral of this part of the story is that it takes time for new consoles to acquire top content. The first few offerings for the PS3 are pretty sorry, but that doesn't mean the console is not good or won't have any good offerings. I've seen a lot of articles and forum posts writing off the PS3 due to lack of content. "Metal Gear Solid," and "Gran Tourismo," alone will probably be worth the wait, but we can expect to see some other great content as developers learn to program for the PS3. With Xbox 360, developers already know how to take advantage of of its capabilities as its based off current PC architecture. With the PS3, every component of it has been built from the ground up. The "Cell Processor," "GPU," and "Blu-ray drive," were all built from scratch. None of these components have any past track record. In addition, it's important to note that there is a large learning curve for programmers to take advantage of its capabilities.

By allowing users to install Linux on the PS3, they have opened the door for the open source community to start delving into the PS3's unknown area. Again, this will take time. So this time next year, if things haven't changed, maybe then we can draw alternate conclusions. As far as losing exclusive titles, I think this is a sign of developers jumping the gun a little. But then again, this is a business. Revenue needs to keep coming in, and until there are enough PS3's in homes to validate 1 million sales of a big title release, expect to see more changes. Another factor is timing. Figures, data, industry news and timing of all these factors can sway development companies to change direction. Some companies remain loyal such as Konami, this is probably where company relationships play big part. On the other side of the spectrum, Capcom have released a few titles on Xbox which led the way for "Resident Evil" (formerly a Playstation exclusive) to becoming a dual system release.

Until Ps3 sorts its game content out, lets enjoy the Blu-Ray movies on it while "Halo 3" and the barrage of other top class offerings from xbox will keep us content on the gaming side.
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