Saturday, April 28, 2007

SONY 4096 X 2160, SXRD, Digital Cinema Projectors Released

It's been a long day. But I had to take the time to post this. Sony has just released their new 4096 x 2160 pixel Ultra HD cinema projectors. That's a total of 8,850,000 pixels. Compare that to 2,070,000 pixels of 1080p. Yes, that's almost 4 times as much resolution!

If you want to learn more about Ultra HD, you can read this. The projector comprises a 2000:1 contrast and 14 foot Lambert brightness (47,964 cd/m2). The SRX-R220 model covers a 20 meter screen (65.6 feet) with its 4.2W xenon lamp while the R110 has two healthy options of either 17 meters with a 3.0W lamp or 14 meters with a 2.0W lamp.

But before you plug your PS3 into it (via DVI), you'll need to set up the LMT-100 media processor to power everything. The LMT 100 includes the processing power, a screen management system, RAID storage and an uninterruptible power supply, to keep things running smooth. The Projector goes on sale around May 2007, so expect to see the high end cinemas flaunting these in the near future. But before you rule it out, you can actually purchase it for the home'll just need around $120,000....give or take a few thou!