Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sony Release The ‘BRAVIA’ KDL-S3000-Series for 2007

Centre Stage In The Digital Living Room:The ‘BRAVIA’ S3000-Series. One-touch control over your whole Home Theatre setup with ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync. Outstanding picture quality with LIVE COLOUR CREATION & BRAVIA ENGINE Three HDMI™ connectors for extra flexibility

The ‘BRAVIA’ S3000-Series LCD TV delivers more than just the superior picture and quality you would expect from a Sony. It features ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync, a new way of controlling Home Theatre setups using HDMI™ connections to send control signals between the various units that make up the system. ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync cuts out the complexity so you can concentrate on enjoying the movie.

So when you want to get started, a single push of the Play button on the remote control of the ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync enabled BD/DVD player automatically takes care of everything. The audio equipment is switched on, the TV switched on, the correct inputs selected and the Blu-ray Disc™ or DVD player starts to play. When you press the Theatre button on the TV’s remote control, TV sound turns off and the picture settings configure automatically to an optimal movie watching mode, developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment to faithfully reproduce movies as they were intended by their creators. All while you settle back in your favourite chair. And when you’re done, one final press of a button turns everything off.

Of course the picture you get matches up to the sophistication and convenience of the ‘BRAVIA’ Theatre Sync master switch. First the signal is processed and precision-enhanced by the BRAVIA ENGINE at the heart of the S3000-Series, then it bursts into life on a screen capable of an exceptional range of colours.

What you see is richer and more lifelike because the specially developed Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) backlight and exactly matched filters in the screen create more colours than normal LCD TVs can display. This is the secret behind Sony LIVE COLOUR CREATION.

Wherever you are seated in the room you will be able to appreciate the vibrant picture to the full thanks to the screen’s exceptionally wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Everything will sound great too because the audio is opened up to fill the room by Virtual Dolby Surround signal processing. The spatialisation effects are finessed by BBE ViVA™ technology, which ensures that the virtual central channel – usually the dialogue – remains perfectly clear and audible. At the same time, the bass is enhanced and the top end sharpened up for a powerful, realistic sound.

The ‘BRAVIA’ S3000-Series is HD-Ready, with a hybrid analogue/digital (DVB-T) tuner and features three HDMI™ connectors as well as two SCART sockets. The HDMI™ connectors provide trouble-free one-cable links to High Definition equipment from Blu-ray™ Disc players and HD Broadcast receivers to PlayStation™ 3.

“As people increasingly adopt Home Theatre as the norm the amount of button-pressing involved is rising exponentially,” says Andreas Ditter - Director TV Operations Europe. “The S3000-Series is both a quality LCD TV in its own right and a new approach which puts the TV back at centre stage. We know that people appreciate simplicity every bit as much as high technology, especially in the home. Put the two together, and you have a winner.” The S3000 will first be available in screensizes of 40 and 32 inch, with the the line-up to be extended in autumn 2007, then covering screensizes from 20 to 46 inch.

Source: Sony Europe, Press release from Sony Media Experience in Rhodes