Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HD DVD Video Essentials Calibration Disc now on sale!

After reading the "Why HDTV Calibration is Important" post, you'll know why calibration is essential to getting the most out of your HD picture. If spending $200 for professional calibration seems a little too much then you know have an alternative. A couple months ago, I announced that the do it yourself calibration disc was coming to HD DVD. Well today is that day. It is now available via Amazon. And for some reason, is already on sale. Check it out here:

Digital Video Essentials - HD DVD (2007)


Brian Lam said...

great site!
I'm trying to get email updates, but feedburner reports that they're not active.
brian lam

TriniMan said...

Thanks for the comment Brian! wow, you're right! I wonder how long that's been going on. I've sent an email to Feedburner to have them check it out. I'll post here as soon as it's fixed. Thanks again! Are you affiliated with Gizmodo?

TriniMan said...

Link is now up and running!