Thursday, February 8, 2007


Ok, so this Blog's goal is to remain objective. The only way we can educate each other is to post our personal experiences. Whether it's been an amazing or poor experience I'd like to hear about it. Even if you bought the top of the Line LCD, if you discover a widespread problem with that model, let us know about it. Hope to hear from you all soon!!!


Girard said...

Sorry I wasn't able to read this blog a lot sooner, but I might as well share my experiences with the Sharp Aquos 32" LCD TV (LC32PX5M).

I have this TV for a month now. Only one thing has bothered me -- auto contrast! Have already been visited by Sharp techs and are now trying to solve the problem with the manufacturers.

I'll just keep my fingers crossed for an update soon.

TriniMan said...

Thanks for the comment. Please let us know how things turn out. If you're unhappy, you should be well within your means to return the tv. If the return policy is 30 days, then you can at least get store credit and perhaps get something your happy with. I look forward to yout response.