Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Actually I can't think of ten reasons. This is marred by the fact that some of the exclusives such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy, and GT5 won't actually be out until 2008 so I can't include them in this article. Also some exclusives aren't exclusives anymore. Resident Evil 5 and GTA 5 will be seeing the light of day on the Xbox 360 as well. So let's work with what we have then shall we? I think I can pull five good ones out of the bag.

1) Best Blu-Ray player: The PS3 is still the best Blu-Ray player out there, let down only by the fact that you have to use a Ps3 controller to operate the functions and it can't be run by a universal remote as it uses bluetooth and not infrared. Ignore this fact and you're left with top of the line home theatre capabilites at a bargain price.2) 1st device to take advantage of HDMI 1.3: If you pair the PS3 with the KDL-70XBR3, Sony's 70" monster ($32,000) you'll have the first two devices that have the HDMI 1.3 standard. This means, the best picture performance known to man as of March 2007. HDMI will soon be the standard (learn more about HDMI 1.3 here) is all upcoming HDTV's.

3) Resistance Fall of Man: This game is so much fun. If you haven't tried it already, beg borrow or steal a Ps3 for a bit of pure, Quake like fun. Graphics are what we'd expect for a next generation title, although we didn't have to wait a year to get it. Very rare for a release title to perform and look as this game does.

4) Motorstorm: Of all the titles coming up, the only exclusive worth a huge mention is Motorstorm. The physics in the game and use of the six-axis controller add a huge element of playability. The game is displayed in glorious 1080p and is a whole lot of fun.

5) Playstation Network online gaming: Gaming I said, not content. Sony are still due some time on the content, so I'll be fair, they still need time to work on this. But the online gaming experience is excellent sans the spotty bluetooth headset in-game performance. I was playing Resistance with 40 people and there wasn't a sign of lag or slowdown in site. If I tried that on Xbox live, I usually get the equivalent of a blue-screen of death.

So there we have it. We still need to wait for some Ps3 content. I also own an xbox 360, so I'll stick to what I said in a previous article; my Ps3 shall primarily remain a Blu-Ray player with exclusive movie titles pouring in by the week while my Xbox shall enjoy upcoming titles such as GRAW 2. Right now, if a title is released on both platforms, I'll be going for the Xbox version, as the spotty Ps3 voice support is a huge let down from the overall online experience.

I can think of at least 10 things/changes I would like to see happen with regards to the overall PS3 experience, so I think that will be my next article. Some time this week, I'll also do an article on 10 reasons to own an xbox 360 in 2007.
Update: Of course, a couple of day after writing this post, Sony released this which could possibly make up for all the current short-comings and keep us entertained for quite some time. All of a sudden, Xbox live looks very old-school!