Friday, March 23, 2007


Friday 23rd March 2007 symbolizes the launch date of the Playstation 3 in Europe. But for the first 100 people in Line at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford street, London, it will be a day they won't forget. Not only did people waiting recieve free Coke and coffee, but as a publicity stunt, Sony dished out 46" HDTV's to the first 100 people in line. And all bases really were covered, as Sony also covered the cab fare to get those 100 people home with a huge smile on their face.

Sony stated that this was their way of giving back to gamers for being patient despite the consistent delays. It comes at a good time for European gamers as there are more titles on the market than at the US release, and the novelty of "Folding at Home," and "Home" around the corner gives for a much better pacing than it did here in the US.

The Ps3 has been the subject of many statistical lashes of recent, but most of it stems from the 12-26ish year old crowd who are owners of other consoles such as the xbox 360. At this site, we are really not concerned with childish rants, we deliver facts and deliberate possible outcomes based on them. Almost everything you read today about the PS3 is the same old tiresome story that really is just speculation and favoritsm. Renowed sites like CNN really arent helping either, by adding fuel to the fire with their own fortune telling predictions about how the PS3 is failing. As an owner of both platforms, I've enjoyed both, and spend more time on the Xbox solely because it's been out for a whole year longer and has more content and a lot of the bugs worked out. But believe me, there were "a few" issues when it first came out. Overheating, static download screen, lack of online content, no real next gen games for almost a year, paying for an xbox live account only to have constant online sessions crash when things got too busy, and the worst being the need to spend another $150 to make it wireless and get a Live account. "HDMI" and "1080p" were also hailed as "unnecessary and irrelevant" by Microsoft. I could go on, but you get the point.

A lot has been said about the PS3's cost, so let me remind you how much you spent on your iPod? But people forget, that the PS3 wasn't designed as just another video game console. Sony didn't spend millions on R&D developing a new processor architecture and Blu Ray just so you can have a better looking first-person shooter. A lot of remarks you'll hear today is that Blu Ray shouldn't be forced down people's throats. From the beginning the PS3 was a multimedia device and I think that has been forgotten. My PS3 provides for an amazing high-definition movie experience, runs linux, stores my photo albums, even aids in finding a cure for cancer, and also stores footage from my HD camera because Sony included a suitably sized hard drive. I've even seen people going as far as to say that high-definition is unnecessary! Like it or not, it's the way things are headed, and if you live in the US, you'll be hit first as you don't have a choice; the FCC demand that you get in the digital game. Not being able to see the difference between SD and HD is one thing, but slating a device for having it is another.

This article is a stance to defend Sony for all the "bashing" that I'm seeing on the front page of every news site on a daily basis. I understand that if you can't afford both platforms (I say both because clearly the Nintendo Wii is aimed at another demographic; my nephew already owns mine!) you have to make a choice. But the trend amongst the immature lately has been to hunt down any detrimental, figures, statements, or news they can, in an attempt to denounce the other side. The PS3 barely came out, while the Xbox 360 is already in its second year. Stop jumping on bandwagon news to make wild claims! When the PS3 has had it's chance to get out of the starting blocks, i'm sure there will be a lot worth waiting for. The power of the PS3 hasn't even been witnessed yet, but scientists around the world recognise what it can do and hence we have the Folding at Home program. Playstation Home looks to revolutionise the online experience with unlimited potential. We know of the top titles on their way, but there is also a LOT we do not know that is currently in the works. Another tireless angle on this issue is the loss of exclusive titles. But lets face it, video game development has become so expensive, that for a developer to make a profit on a game, they need to sell over a million copies for it to be worth their while. After spending millions on game development, they want their first quarter earnings after release to reflect similar figures in sales. By branching off onto both platforms, this makes that aspiration a little bit easier and quicker, which is all shareholders want to see.

But stay clear headed, because a firm that has the greatest selling console of all time, and been a key player and leader in the development of video, film, tv broadcasting, home theatre and high defintion, doesn't invest millions on a product without a clear vision and plan.

The final word is that both systems have a lot to offer, you're seeing more premiere content on the xbox now as it's been out longer. I'm only willing to revisit this issue in a years time, when Sony has been given adequate time to build up momentum. If you're a true gamer, get both systems. If you still live at home with Mummy and Daddy, then make a choice, but when you do, don't bash an entire corporation to make yourself feel better about your purchase. Until then, EasyHdtv will only deliver the facts on both systems and enjoy what both have to offer.

In the meantime seeing as the kids hang on the every word of statements being released, here is one for you to consider: The PS3 is selling faster than the xbox 360 did since its respective release date. Ciao.



Anonymous said...

Wll said. I look forward to what I hope will be an ongoing commitment to unbiased reporting and reviews.

TriniMan said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm with you 100%. that is the exact reason why this site was started, because of all the misinformation and bias floating around. Even big sites will conjure up worthless data to make a story out of it and encourage the subject crowd. Thanks for the visit and feel free to get email notification when the site is updated (top left of the screen).

Anonymous said...

Bravo, I feel the same way. Its a great time to be a gamer, Thank you sony for this update, my BD play back looks even better and ps2 games look great also, hail to HDTV and great work with curing cancer

Jared said...

Great article, I too was getting quite frusterated at the uninformed judgements being passed on the ps3. I do own one but I do not consider my self to be biased. It is an amazing machine, that's all there is too say.

Again kudos on the article, well written and well informed

xbox_fiend said...

I have both too, and feel the same way. Xbox is great for certain things, and PS3 is only just getting started. It's capabilites haven't been realised AT ALL! Time, people, time! It's day one for PS3 in Europe and Australia, for gods sake.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I can't stand the Sony bashing. This is a company that brought us some of the best times in videgame history, and to see childish people bash it just because they can't afford a product is sickening.