Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Amazon HDTV Blowout Sale!

One of the important undertones of this site, is to make sure that consumers are educated about what they're buying and don't get ripped off or conned by marketing slurs. In vain of this, I can honestly say that this deal is a scorcher, I've picked up the 46" LN-S4695D for my bedroom as it was too good to pass up. Here's to hoping the order goes through and that they haven't run out of stock!

Amazon is having an HDTV blowout, several HDTV's have been slashed by over $800. One particular series, the Samsung LN-S4095D 40" 1080p LCD and the LN-S4695D 46" 1080p LCD have been slashed to near resellers listed cost prices. There are many other HDTV's on sale but the one's with the huge discounts will be in limited supply. If you've been holding off on an HDTV, now might be a good time to buy, just before the new models start rolling in. Check it out here. To make the deal even sweeter, they've thrown in FREE SHIPPING!

Regarding the other deals, pay attention to the specs. Some TV's are 720p others are 1080p. Use the information on this site for technical explanations, and feel free to post questions on any particular models you're considering buying.

If you're ONLY interested in 1080p TV's click here


Chris said...

I have the 40" Sammy, and it's awesome. I paid $2300 for mine, this is a steal. The sony xbr is the only screen better, but costs a lot more.

dominic said...

good find. I just ordered the 46". I was holding off for a deal like this.

JB said...

I was waiting for HDMI 1.3 equipped tv's but this is to good to pass up. Love the site by the way, finally a site with no bias! I check the updates everyday!

MartinB said...

Wow. I've been waiting for the 40" 1080p Samsungto go on sale. I ordered two for my gaming room as they were so cheap. I would have payed this price for ONE a few months ago!!!