Sunday, March 11, 2007


This will be my last posting on HD gaming for a couple days as I want to get back on track with some core HD issues, but I had to follow up the PS3 posts with an Xbox one. Unlike the PS3, the xbox has had over a year to sort out the kinks and get its content together. The Xbox is shining with content at the moment. I must point out that this list is merely my opinion, as is any other list. I have been playing video games since Atari and Coleco vision, so I think I at least have an opinion, especially since it relates to my overall HD theme. Here are 10 reasons to buy a 360 in 2007, in no particular order:

1) Xbox live. Live still overshadows the Playstation Network when it comes to content. With IPTV on the way and the ability to rent movies, things have really evolved. However, the recent unveiling of Playstation "Home,"could further revolutionize what Xbox Live started.

2) Mass Effect. Every once in a while, a game comes along that separates itself from the others. Mass effect incorporates role-playing with a first person shooter and the result looks promising.

3) Bioshock. Unlike Mass Effect which brings a lot of new gameplay elements, Bioshock is similar to what we've seen before, but driven by a comprehensive intriguing and eerie story in the same vain as Resident Evil. A genre done right can be as interesting as innovation itself, and this game could very well fall under this category.

4) HD-DVD. The two companies still hanging on exclusively to the HD-DVD format are Universal and Weinstein. If you're favourite movies fall under these studios, don't expect to see them on Blu Ray any time soon.

5) Army of Two. The pre-rendered footage that's floating Xbox live and the various gaming sites look amazing. When the in-game play footage was released, it more than lived up to it's movie sequences.

6) Halo 3. Ermmmm yeah, need I say anything?

7) Forza 2. Even non racing enthusiasts are looking forward to this one. Even if it's slightly better than the original Forza, I'm sure a lot of people will be happy, but something tells me, this one is going to rock.

8) Guitar Hero 2. Even people that don't play video games, play this one. My mother even turned her head. Dance Dance revolution with a guitar? Who could resist? It's the next best thing since air guitar.

9) Blue Dragon. Sales of Blue Dragon single handedly sold more Xbox 360’s in Japanese retailers than any other game. Actually, the Japanese weren't that interested in the 360 until this title. An American release should prove as popular to the RPG fanatics.Of course this is just my opinion. As games get better I'll have to somehow figure out eating into my schedule, but in the meantime, I would like to hear your opinions, omissions or inclusions.

10) Huxley. Not much has been heard about this one since its introduction, but it still gave us enough reason to hold our breath.


DExtEr said...

I agree with everything apart from one thing. Where is Unreal Tournament??

TriniMan said...

Thanks for the comment Dexter. I thought hard about that one, but there's been no official release date of this one yet, and rumor is that it won't show until 2008, so I chose to omit it.

Anonymous said...

Nice list. I know it's in no order, but Halo should be at the top!!!